Hello! I’m Bodhi

5 facts interesting facts about me:

1: I love surfing and anything to do with the ocean. My latest obsession is free diving. My craziest experience in the ocean was swimming with a pod of about 30 Common dolphins outside of Jervis Bay.

2: I love fishing, wether this be trying to find trout in local rivers or heading out to sea on my mates jet ski.

3: I love going camping and going off grid. Ever since I got my license I have owned 4wds and have loved getting out in the bush.

4: My other favourite genres of photography other than portraiture would be Surf Photography and landscape / animal photography. I also sell prints which you can check out here:

5: I studied at the University Of Wollongong where I completed a Bachelor of Arts with a distinction Majoring in Digital and Social Media / Photography. I also completed a minor in digital and Screen Media.